Cooking and Covid-19: We Can All Be Like Beyoncé

Husband and I spent part of Memorial Day weekend doing something so normal: We planted tomatoes, herbs, squash, eggplant and a few other vegetables in our little urban raised beds. But, of course, we are all oceans away from normal. To me, staying home and staying isolated lately feels a bit like the tale of the boy with his finger in the dike. We may soon be washed away by those who are eager to be out and about. If you go to church, the mall or the beach, you won’t see me, but I hope you are safe.

Two masked faces and one very cute dog
Our tree (obviously)
Stephanie’s cake and my lemon curd.
Preserved lemons
Eventually to become Neil’s limoncello (Photo by Neil Newman)
Illustration by Sam Landsberg
The Jacarandas bloom all over L.A. in spring in what feels to me like optimism

Longtime food writer, now food grower. Journalist, reader, traveler

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